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It was a good day.

I woke up at 830 and made a grilled peanutbutter and jelly sandwich. I showered and got dressed. I loved loved loved my outfit today. I am so excited that I can wear my sheer skirts again because its cool enough for leggings.  Jess thought it was the first day of fall but the equinox isn’t until the 22. So we are in the last days of summer.  I am so excited for fall.

 I had some time to just relax this morning and I read some long news articles and looked at things online. I just tried to get myself ready mentally for class. I went to get Jess at 1140 and I’m glad I left that early because we were just on time when we got there. After we made a pit stop at CVS, street road traffic was all backed up for some reason. So that didn’t make me happy. But we made it on time and things were good.

Eden was there again and another girl we haven’t met before. I don’t get her name but she had a terrible disposition about her. Because she knew how to do things she didn’t participate when we were learning the new things. I mean she did things and was very good and strong but not a team player. It through me off a little. I tried to be nice and make conversation but she wasn’t having it. I’m really starting to like Eden though, she’s really cool.

My strength was up today! I was able to pull myself up fairly easily and do a little bit of a climb. But for some reason my coordination was all off. I felt like I couldn’t get my limbs to do the things I was asking it to do. Plus I was all sweaty. But it was a good day and I felt like I’m for sure improving and getting stronger. I’m pretty excited about that.

After class me and Jess went to saladworks and talked. She gave me these awesome skeleton hand hair clips and I decided to spray paint them gold and they look so banging. I’m pretty excited to use them.

Jess convinced me to go to Bucks even though I was tired. And I’m really glad I did.

I got to bucks around 3 and I got lots of hugs and everyone wanted updates. I may have also been able to sell my last few tickets for my show next week. I walked around and said hi and since Jon was very busy I sat with Liz and Cris and worked on a wire piece. By the end of the 2 hours I had finished my new piece which is a bear. I’m really thrilled with them. I’m calling them sculptural gestures and I’m happy with the direction I’m going in right now. I did get to spend a few minutes with Jon and talk about my rec letters. It was good to see him and everyone else. At 5 I left to go home and got to see my big giraffe sculpture I made sophomore year that lives on campus. Really he’s just a big version of my wire pieces. Maybe one day I will make them big as well.

I got home and took a long bath and washed my hair. I painted my nails. I had dinner. Now I’m going to rest. Tomorrow is my nephew’s birthday party and we are going to stop by. My dad says we wont stay long but he always says that so we will see what happens. I hope to take advantage of my whole day off and get laundry done and some pictures taken of work and maybe some studio cleaning. Its so packed right now and I have space to put thinsg away and I should be taking advantage of that.

Now is for resting though. Goodnight! 

I am very much ready to get in bed. It is very chilly tonight and I’m super happy about that but I am also cold and ready to read and then sleep. Today was a really nice day though!

I had fallen asleep really early last night. Around 10. And when I woke up at 730 I was just not having it so I slept for another hour. Not that it mattered really. I’m just making myself get up at 8 so I don’t waste the whole morning before work. I got up at 830 though and did all my normal things. I showered and flossed. But I was very excited because today was the first day this season I was justifiably able to wear tights. This was awesome. I was loving my outfit and feeling really good so after breakfast I went for a drive.

I was going to get gas first but when I got to the station and tried to pull up to the pump I was annoyed I was having trouble backing into the spot and then I noticed that the card reader was broken and I would have to go inside and that made me more annoyed so I just left. I went to the giant I like instead. I would get gas on the way home.

I got a mango and nice bread and box cake mix and craisins. My plan was the bake strawberry cupcakes for my co workers for a good first week. So when I got home I got right to work on that.

The big thing of the day though was my brother coming home. He was released from the hospital about noon and mom brought him home. It was good to see him standing and walking even though its with a limp. He is unhappy about some stuff but he seems better. I’m still worried but I have to believe things are going to get better.

After reading for an hour I made lunch and then left for work. I’m still leaving to early but I like having the safety net of 20 minutes. Plus I can just sit and relax and read for a bit when I get to work if nothing goes wrong on my way there. I think its just good to get in the habit. The cupcakes went over really well but I brought to many and ended up getting the older kids to eat some of them and they were all so grateful. I thought about giving them to my kids but I chose not to because they didn’t need more sugar.

I was super proud of me and Jameer today. We tried assigned seating and it went pretty well. And while we did have to have some silences we got them silent enough for long enough to do 2 different projects! Okay they were short but still! We had those little pill animals that you put in water and the capsule dissolves and the foam animal comes out. So everyone that was done homework got to do that with me but then we realized we needed hot water and that’s why is wasn’t working. So we had to start over. Oops. But we did it! Then we had all the kids draw with white crayons on black paper. We discussed the different types of robots and they all had to design one and then write on the back what it does. And on Monday we would pick a winner who gets candy.

For the rest of the day we had free time. I let a few of the girls sit and braid my hair and it was funny seeing them try to put twists and plates in my hair when it was just not going to happen. But they were able to eventually they just didn’t stay in. The twists actually looked really cool.

I was happy to go home though. At 6 the last kid’s parent came and Jameer ran out of there. I collected my last 5 cupcakes and drove home.

I made a pizza and so far everything seems okay. Steve wanted to get a ride to go get his car and no one would do it but so far so good. He’s just annoyed.

I’m going to washoff my makeup and get in bed now. Circus tomorrow and hopefully visiting bucks! 






Infinite Crisis - "What Do You Fight For?"


holy shit, diana.

That’s Doomsday, the dude who killed Superman.

She’s holding back, IMHO.

"If you need to stop an asteroid, you call Superman. If you need to solve a mystery, you call Batman. But if you need to end a war, you call Wonder Woman." - Gail Simone

I got wet watching this. The way she shrugs off that hit like “Aiight, lehgo” was just…yessssss.

I felt really productive today. But also stressed. I’m trying to stay away from the drama of whats happening with my brother, but its hard when it’s the biggest thing happening.

I apparently fell asleep with my phone in my hand last night. Weird. I woke up at 8 pretty okay. I stretched and showered. I loved my outfit today.  I felt really good honestly. I had lots of breakfast and read for a little. At 10 I sat down with my laptop and worked on grad school applications. I did my statement of purpose and got that sent to everyone, as well as finish the SAIC first app. I spent a good hour typing and emailing people for letters of recommendation and just trying to get the little bits together. There is still much to do. Next week I’m going to request all my transcripts and get those sent out. I hate it but I have to actually go to bucks to do it because they don’t have an online system for it. At least its only $2 a copy there, I still have to figure out how much it is for Moore.

After I decided I had done enough for the day I took a long drive. I went to my first house and then took 95 all the way up to newtown to get lunch. Okay I got one of those good pretzels and a soda. But the girl at the counter was really sweet to me and the drive was nice. I thought about stopping for bread on the way home but I nixed that in favor of being lazy.

I really just wanted to rest before I had to leave for work. I read for an hour and ate mac and cheese for lunch. I was feeling really good.

Work was actually okay, but I was feeling pretty stressed out overall. I think I’m starting to find my voice with the kids and I felt like I had to talk sternly a few times today but I’m finding my voice with them. Honestly they are all so sweet but some of them just need to control themselves better. We did homework and had snack and once everyone had finished homework I had wanted to play a game with them. But they couldn’t control themselves so we spent a few minutes in silence. Then I tried to explain the rules and they got rowdy again so more silence. Me and Jameer were just laughing. It was so ridiculous. We were finally able to get the game together and I was able to play one round with them before we lost motivation and order. So we spent the rest of the hour playing red light green light. I had to have a few kids sit out for acting like fools but it was fun overall.

We went back to the room and cleaned up and spent a few minutes online. The computers were acting crazy today and blocking out Wikipedia and things it shouldn’t have been blocking. It was weird. But we dealt.

Today was actually really nice. I’m tired and glad to be home. My brother is coming home tomorrow apparently. I’m glad to have him here but I’m afraid that the peace of the home will leave. He has a pretty large personality. We’ll see. Just please send good thoughts his way.

Tomorrow should be a beautiful day. I hope it’s a good one. 

First words I heard, clear as a bell: “Dean Winchester is saved.”

First words I heard, clear as a bell: “Dean Winchester is saved.”

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if you don’t terrify people a little bit then what’s the point.

I have no desire to write this. Or wash my makeup off. My feet are cold and I just want to get in bed and read. Today was a really good, really long day though!

I woke up at 8 and laid in bed for a few minutes. I could hear some squirrels outside chasing eachother and playing. I got up and showered and dressed. I didn’t like my first 2 outfits and the one I ended up with felt a little short for work so I put bike shorts on under it. I washed my hair today so I was feeling sort of self conscious. So I stood in the mirror and tried to make myself feel better.

I had some important emails to send and things to do and I never found time to start my essays. But I had to be at work at noon today so I had to leave at 11. I spent the last half hour reading. Some actually sitting in the drive way because I had anxiety about  leaving and I was cold in the house. I ended up crossing paths with dad on my way out so that was nice to see him for a minute. Something is going on with him and he’s sleeping a lot. I feel like he should go see his doctor but I don’t know.

I got to work early of course and went inside and cleaned up the room. I went and figured out which computers were working and logged them on. About 8 werent working but all the others seemed fine.

Jameer showed up around 1230 and we chatted about of plan for the 5 hour day and we came up with some semblance of a schedule. Once the kids got there we got right to homework. They had a half day for teacher in sessions, so we had a lot of time. I had a few kids tell me they had no homework and their bags were empty so I didn’t know what to do with that. And then another kid tell me he only had to color this one picture and then ran and got on the computer. I went and found his bag and he had 2 more pages of math. Then when he got off the computer and did the worksheet he said that all subtraction equaled 0. So we sat with crayons and figured out how to subtract. It took a while. Once again Shawn took 7 years to write his 5 sentences. But overall it was good we got everything done and got to play on computers for an hour.

We had a big dinner/snack of cheesey sticks and we tried to warm them up in the microwave but its hard to do 20 meals and make them all right. They were actually pretty tasty though.

At 4 we went outside and I brought a big thing of bubbles for the kids. Half played football, the others did bubbles with me. It was beautiful out and I had a good time. But when we were going back to the building some boys yelled some not nice things at me and sort of upset me a little. I didn’t say anything because I was with the kids but when we went inside I told Jameer and he was not happy and said to tell him next time and he would do something about it. That was nice of him.

We all got drinks when we got back and finished homework and played with kynex and computers and played deal or no deal. It was a nice afternoon. I mean there were hiccups and time outs. But overall I really like all the kids. I also got some hugs today so that was pretty sweet.

I had planned on going to this lecture tonight at vine street but man I’m just so beat and I would just be leaving the city now if I went and I’m so tired I probably would have died on the way home. Oh speaking of car accidents I saw one on the way home. I don’t know what happened but this poor lady was facing the wrong direction and the front of her car was all smashed. I hope she’s okay.

In other news apparently my brother is being discharged? I don’t know but my mom wants to put him on a psych hold because of some things he said in a text today. And I agree. He’s saying some crazy stuff. And I know he has pain but what drives me crazy is that people live with chronic pain all the time! Like I am always in pain and others are in pain and they don’t need drugs all the time or they will be useless. I don’t know. I mean use meds when needed but he’s basically threatening some deep stuff. Its really scary.

 I’m going to get ready for bed now though. Its been a really long day. Sleep well. 

Anonymous said: Seriously though what are your prices?


depends on what you’re trying to buy, I mean, my eggs are like $8,000 because I got a clean bill of health and a high IQ but my kidneys are like 50k okay let’s not go there unless you’re prepared to make committments

Today was awesome but man am I tired. And my neck hurts. And I cant wait to be in bed.

I woke up around 8 today and it was cool and I wanted to stay in bed because I was so comfortable. But I got up and stretched and showered. I had breakfast by 9. I pretty much decided that I wasn’t going to do anything this morning. I will have my essays written by the weekend but today I just wanted to read. I ended up finishing my book before 1130. My tablet was dying though and I had to spend the last half hour plugged into the wall. But the story was so good it didn’t even matter.

My dad was having a bad day and kept falling asleep. I felt bad. But I understood why mom was upset. I just gave him a head pat and went to make lunch. I made a hot dog and just decided to leave then. Which would make me early. But its okay.

I didn’t get lost at all and I was very proud of myself. But I ended up at PCAT at 1. And my tablet had died so I couldn’t even read. So I went inside early. When I was walking in the assistant director Karliss said hi to me and was with another guy, around my age, and he was totally checking me out and I totally caught him. It was funny though. I went inside and sat on the couch and read a magazine. I ended up sitting with the guy from outside. He’s the music instructor and it turned out he lives like 5 minutes from me. His name is Ben. It also turned out he was best friends with a guy who went to my high school. Super small world.

The meeting went really well I think. I got to meet all the staff and I tried to contribute best I could. I also got a lot of sparks of ideas for projects so I wrote those down in my little notebook for future reference. It was a good meeting. I like meetings. I got some laughs though because while we were talking I was making little cats with the modeling clay on the table and I stacked them. Made a cat tower.

The actual class time went pretty well. We did have some liars claim they had no homework but were not really sure how to deal with that yet. But overall today was good. The snack was good and we kept it under a half hour. We played with clay. I helped with math homework. We chatted. We played a dance game. Overall it was really good. We had some computer time at the end of the day. I was annoyed though because there are a bunch of computers but it seems like only half of them work. And this one little boy was being obnoxious about not being able to go on. But it turned out he was just trying to play a game with the other boys but he didn’t have a log in. I don’t know but it was stupid.

 I got asked if I could come in at 12 tomorrow and work all day and of course I said yes. I don’t have anything else happening. I think it will be a good day though. I just need to get a really good night’s rest.

I didn’t get lost on my way home and I didn’t even use my gps. I made some mini pizzas when I got home. And I had a milkshake with the last of the ice cream. And now I’m going to finish painting my nails and go to sleep. I promised to make an appearance at a lecture at a pop up gallery on vine tomorrow after work so its going to be a very long day for me. Ugh.  I’m going to try my best to work it out. But man I’m tired now.

Sleep well. Enjoy the cool air. 



i want a show called Man Vs. Wilde where someone is put in the jungle with oscar wilde and has to survive not only the elements but also wilde’s random attacks and massive ego


Mann vs. Wilde.

Thomas Mann’s pretensiousness and sexual repression vs. Oscar Wilde’s sarcasm and blatant queerness.

Give it to me.

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“Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.”
F. Scott Fitzgerald (The Great Gatsby)

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