<3 fine art and thrift stores

Also Im pretty sure Im going to be living in my green highwasisted shorts the rest of summer camp purely for pockets. 

I am the smartiest of smarts and figured out how to fashion my cross body purse into a backpack for the field trip tomorrow using only a carabinder ring

I finally have Microsoft Office. Finally.

Today was a really nice day overall. I ended up getting in bed around 9 to read and fell asleep around 10. I slept fairly well but I had some really vivid dreams. So I woke up a little bleh, but I stretched and worked it out and felt pretty good. I wasn’t feeling totally great about my outfit though. I liked the parts individually but not together. But that’s just the way it is sometimes I guess.

Work was good! The train was on time today so I wasn’t as stressed. It was nice hanging out with the kids in my class and chatting. We had all 11 today and overall it was a good day. There are 3 kids who caused some problems because they were defiant or just attention seeking, and we have one girl who thinks she knows everything about everything and sort of drives me up the wall. But really we had fun today. We made cartouches and we went to the circus exhibit. We also made epitaphs and saw a 3D movie.  It was walking with dinosaurs and I had never seen it before and it was awesome. I had a lot of feeling about that little dino. I did have to give a strike to one of the kids though because she was being really mean to another girl and refusing to sit next to her. I told her multiple times that I didn’t care if she wanted to sit with someone else this was her seat and that’s that. She straight up sat in the same seat with her sister next to her so she wouldn’t have to sit next to this other girl. It was so shitty.

I stayed through their lunch and left to go to my appointment at 1230. My train was a little late so I felt sort of stressed about it but I tried to just read and listen to music. When I got back to my car my gps took me the weirdest way possible so I thought I was going to be late but I was right on time.

I was in the room for a while waiting, I actually thought they forgot about me. So I just kept reading and watching the fish they had in the room with me. He was to big for his tank but the tank was so clean. I watched the fish eat and spit out mouthfuls of rocks. Weird.

 When the doctor did come back I did my best to explain why I was there. But my hand and grip issues are intermediate so I couldn’t really show him. We talked for a bit and he did some tests. Eventually he did this weird one where he shot electric shocks in my arm and tested my spine and nerves. It was bizarre. I came out of it with a clean bill of health on the nerve front. He did give me a prescription to get my blood tested to find out if I do have psoriatic arthritis. But he did think  I may be developing carpel tunnel from sculpting to much. Oops.

I went out after that to the bank and to get that waterbottle I had my eye on at target. I have a vice and its reusable waterbottles. Then I went to Joanns fabric to find some hardware because I want to make my purse have the option of being a backpack but they didn’t have what I needed which bummed me out.  But when I got home my dad’s techy friend Joe installed Office on my computer and I made mac and cheese and I’m exhausted but I feel really happy.

Im going to start getting my lunch and stuff ready for tomorrow. We are going on a fieldtrip to UPenn’s museum. Its been a long time since I was there so I’m pumped. Im sort of concerned about the kids. But only slightly. Were going to be in 2 small groups so hopefully that will take away some tension. The one little girl who is my shadow may cause me some headaches, but she’s sweet so hopefully not. Honestly when we just talk its fine, its her trying to get my attention when I’m focused on another child is when the problem happens. I may say something to her mom in the morning just so she knows and can look out for that.

Now though I will rest. 




Being 4’11 is so hard sometimes, for real. 

Damn, this so true. I remember in 4th grade I couldn’t reach nothing


I wish it was fall. I want my winter bedding and sweaters and scarves and boots. But Im trying to appreciate summer clothes. I did do some light layering today but its not as good as fall. I had a really hard time falling asleep last night but I woke up feeling alright. I felt pretty good about myself. But Im feeling not great about my hair, its been so dry this summer and my bangs are driving me up the wall. I actually just cut them when I got home and its a little better but Im very torn if I should just grow them back out or not, I really like them most of the time so I dont know.

I was looking forward to my train ride and reading my book. The 655 train was running late so I ended up on that. Mistake. Well mostly. See it ended up running a half hour late, was completely full, actually had to force people to get off at not their stops because there were to many people on and it was dangerous. But the express I ususally take was 23 minutes late and would have just arrived the same time I got down town anyway. Honestly it was still a good ride, I read a lot and that was nice but I hate feeling so stressed about being late.

I emailed Jess and let her know but I clocked in at 830 exactly and it was fine. I went and found my class and got changed and today actually rocked.

Today was reuse/reduce/recycle. I was paired with David who is a very tall sweet guy. I think he is married? I dont know he doesnt seem old enough but he’s very smart and chill. We had the ¾ b’s and there are 11 of them. Also I love my CTs. We actully had 10 kids then one left and we had nine and then 2 came from the other class because they wanted to be with me so we had 11. They picked the group name “Trashcan of Doom” or TOD for short. I spent the morning making posters and signage for the room while David did the morning activities and things were really good.

I took my lunch at 1130 because I wanted to do the afternoon activities and because I had this extra training session at 2. My lunch was good, I had the pancakes from yesterday, and some of the dragon fruit which didnt taste like much. I think it may have been out of season. It was a nice texture though.

When I got back I set up the Recycled Art activity. I pulled up art on my tablet and we had a great plan of action. I told the kids that the paperwork said they should make a collage but if they wanted to make sculptures I would totally give them direction. Every single kid made a sculpture and seriously they were so creative! I had one littleg roup making phenoxies and we had unicorns and dogs. I made a bunny out of a sock and some combs. It was great. They honestly could have and would have spent the whole hour on those but we had to transition to tshirt bags and those were a little trickier but eventually everyone mostly got it. It was fun!

After going outside to see the ozone garden and eat fresh snap peas I went to my training.

Only half the people showed up so we had 4 people but it was good. We did goofy games to help us with our teaching skills and it was fun. Since we didnt have many people we were done by 330 and I went back to my class to help wrap up the day.

I ended up sitting outside with Areana and helping her fix he tshirt bag and we talked and it was nice. Shes being a little bit more of a nudge then normal but shes not being bad, just a little annoying and disruptive. But its because shes excited were doing a week shes really into, she wants to be an archaeologist when she grows up.

I ended my day talking to some CTs that think Im cool and then I got my train home. It was a nice ride but I almost fell asleep and Im pretty tired. I heated up some pizza from yesterday and Im painting my nails now but I want to curl up in bed real soon.

Work tomorrow but only until 1230 because I have my nuero appointment. Im sort of nervous so wish me luck and send good thoughts!





Dear White People Official Trailer 1 (2014) - Comedy HD

all I see is black people talking about this. white people. go see this movie. you need to see this movie.




but actually tho

There are very few pictures of my childhood. Film was expensive and I was an ugly child. Instagram that lunch and your dog doing the thing. Go for it.



but actually tho

There are very few pictures of my childhood. Film was expensive and I was an ugly child. Instagram that lunch and your dog doing the thing. Go for it.

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“I’ve had it with Nazis!”
my dad, right now, in 2014

It was a nice day off. I went to bed around 11 and slept pretty well even though it was way to humid. When I got up I did extra sets of yoga because I feel like Ive gained some weight and I dont feel great about that. I mean when I look at myself with no clothes on I feel pretty good about me, but I dont feel comfortable dressed which sucks. I want to be strong and healthy. I am going to fix my bike and start riding to the train. I mean its not a long ride but I think it will be nice to be using those muscles again.

I took a shower and did my injection and my makeup. I felt pretty good about stuff. I did laundry, and make a bunch of potatoes, and I had an omelet. I hung around my room for a while and enjoyed not having to do anything.

My dad came home and invited me and mom to IHOP for lunch but I had had breakfast not that long ago so I declined. But then mom said I should go so I did and it was really nice spending time together. I got pancakes but only had one and saved the rest for lunch tomorrow. We were at the restaurant for a while and we talked about so many things. It was really nice. 

We stopped at CVS on the way home so dad could get some pills and I brought my dry shampoo I had gotten at CVS when I went to visit Sarah, because it broke and I wanted to exchange it. It had like repressurized or something because it just sounded like liquid in the can. I was nervous because I had no receipt but they didnt care and just let me swap it out for a good one. That was cool.

When we got home I just took my pants off and hung out in my chair for a while and watched Dr Phil. I did my hair and put on my Wonder Woman costume. I made some outfits for the week and just enjoyed not having to really do anything. Around 5 I went and sat in the living room with my parents and showed my dad some youtube videos. 

The around 6 I decided I needed to go get groceries because we had no fruit at all. I ended up getting weird fruits like mangos, a cactus pears, and a dragon fruit! Which that one didnt really taste like much but may not be in the right season. Looks really cool though. I also got other food but I got a ton of fruit. Im trying my best to eat more fresh fruit because it really does make me feel better at work.

Now Im just chilling. I had some pizza for dinner and Im going to go fold my laundry and read Angel’s Wild and sleep. This weeks theme is What’s Left Behind, so its death and stuff but were going on a field trip to the Penn Museum on wensday and Im really pumped for that. 

Sleep well!

You would think that Andrew Jackson was giving you his undivided attention, and then you would glance over and notice that he had devoted the last several minutes to making a laborious sketch of an alligator.

“Mr. President!” you would gasp, indignantly.

“I have a bullet lodged inside my body,” he would say. “From killing a man in a duel. A better man than you.” He would resume drawing the alligator.

Franz Kafka, the story goes, encountered a little girl in the park where he went walking daily. She was crying. She had lost her doll and was desolate.

Kafka offered to help her look for the doll and arranged to meet her the next day at the same spot. Unable to find the doll he composed a letter from the doll and read it to her when they met.

"Please do not mourn me, I have gone on a trip to see the world. I will write you of my adventures." This was the beginning of many letters. When he and the little girl met he read her from these carefully composed letters the imagined adventures of the beloved doll. The little girl was comforted.

When the meetings came to an end Kafka presented her with a doll. She obviously looked different from the original doll. An attached letter explained: “my travels have changed me… “

Many years later, the now grown girl found a letter stuffed into an unnoticed crevice in the cherished replacement doll. In summary it said: “every thing that you love, you will eventually lose, but in the end, love will return in a different form.”


First look at Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman

All I can say is that it’s about fucking time. 


First look at Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman

All I can say is that it’s about fucking time. 

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