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I woke up with a sore throat and a bad outlook. I wanted to call out because I was so unhappy but I had to wash my hair so I got up.

I made an omelet to take with me. It’s my favorite food right now, I don’t even know why. I also had a smoothie to bring with me so I was pretty happy about my food options for the day. Even if I was just looking forward to sleeping again.

I got to work on time because I was able to catch the express train. I was at spy all morning and I really enjoyed that because I got to watch the clouds roll in, even if it never actually rained.

I did get to see my friend Chris though and he offered to get me something from wawa which was super sweet? I don’t even know why I thought it was so cute, but it was for some reason.  I’ve been coming to a lot of realizations lately about my dating life and how I’m not harboring feelings for the guy I a sort of seeing, and while I like other guys I don’t really see myself with any of them in the long run, because I’m really focused on me right now. And I’m allowed to be self-centered and selfish when it comes to my time and love because I’m 22, and to young to be the concern of anyone else.

It’s a good realization to come to.

While I was at work Sarah texted me cause she was in the city helping someone out and wanted to hang out afterwards. I was very excited. We hung out in the fountain on the parkway and then walked to have tacos and we talked about everything. I love hanging out with Sarah because she is smart and excellent. It was just sad that Jess wasn’t there. But that’s okay. After making stops at paper source, lush (where the attendant recognized my tattoo from tumblr and really liked it and we talked about tattoo inspirations for a while), and buffalo exchange, we caught out trains home.

Its very cleansing spending time with someone you didn’t expect to. I got a lot out of my day emotionally because of that and it made today really wonderful.

One side note though that I promised I would post:

After hanging out in the fountain me and Sarah were walking towards the natural history museum and an old black man put his hand up and said “can I get some love?” and I was like “ARIGHT” and gave him a high five. He started laughing, and I started laughing, and he double handed pointed at me and said “Gurl you’re a bag of chips with ruffles” and it was amazing.

I came home and my lower body was in a lot of pain so I laid down and read. Then I worked on a craft project and now I’m working on making my other umbrella better, to compensate for my lost one. I have work from 3 until 7 tomorrow so I’m going to try to make the most of my morning. I have to finish my essays by Wensday at midnight so I have time for editing and rewriting, I also have emails to send! So tomorrow is the day. Goodnight!


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